Are You Taking Better of Your Car, than You Own Body?

Is the car you’re driving right now as old as you are?  Unless you happen to be a classic car collector, your answer is probably no. When our cars stop performing or no longer are pleasing to us, we just trade them in and get a better or newer model. Right?

Unfortunately, the body you’re born with is the body you’re stuck with for the most part. You can’t just trade it in for a newer model. So,why do so many of us take better care of our cars than the flesh-and-blood vehicles we have to get through life in.  I’m not advocating that you stop taking care of your car, just hoping my list of comparable health maintenance becomes a priority too. Consider the items below your Body’s Owner’s Manual.

For several decades now, diet and exercise have been acknowledged as a relevant and effective treatment for a number of medical conditions. Evidence is emerging that physical exercise is as effective, and sometimes more effective, than pharmacological and orthopedic treatment for muscle and joint diseases. Now, integrated manual therapy is widely being recognized as a key component by preventing your joints form wear and tear. Preventative healthcare….what a terrific idea!!!

Just like our cars need adjustments from time to time, so does your body.

Get Your Oil Changed and Go In for Regular Tune-Ups:  Routine maintenance keeps your car running smoothly and is a worthwhile investment. Treat your health the same way. Regular sessions of integrated manual therapy are important and as necessary as diet and exercise.  Routine sessions allow me to check for signs of imbalance, often before you notice symptoms. These “body screenings” can help you stop an injury in its tracks, get an early treatment, improve your outcome and keep your future pain free.  “Prevention is better than cure”.

Know Your Levels:  You make sure your tires are full of air, that your oil isn’t low, and that all your lights are functional don’t you?  Well, do the same for your body by paying attention to important body signals.  Our bodies are built with alarms, too. When you don’t feel right, it’s your bodies’ dashboards telling you that something is wrong. Pay attention! Why do you wait until you find yourself on the equivalent of a highway shoulder?  If you’re feeling a little off, you might want to take some healthy corrective steps by scheduling a session with your manual therapist, just as you might top off your fluid levels.

Take It to the Shop When There’s Something Wrong:  Granted, your body doesn’t have a “check engine” light, but as its keeper, you know when you don’t feel quite right. If your car is making a funny noise, you take it in. Why not do the same for yourself?   When you aren’t feeling quite right, make an appointment and get treated right away before this imbalance turns into a bigger problem like “Tennis Elbow” or Plantar Fasciitis. Don’t ignore that “popping” in your shoulder!

Statistics say that 83% of cars owners visit a garage regularly to keep on top of vehicle servicing and maintenance, while only 17% of people regularly visit a healthcare professional for check-ups – with almost half (48%) admitting they only visit a healthcare professional when they have a problem.

Here’s another statistic for you…Preventing both car and health problems are eight times cheaper than fixing them.  Stop ignoring yourself and take of your your most VALUABLE asset in life…YOU!

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